Monday, January 25, 2010

Red Carpet Rundown: Rehashed and Unrehearsed at the SAGs

The fact that the SAGs were this past Saturday completely slipped my mind -- who has an awards show on a Saturday night anyway?
Not that I would've cared that much anyway, but it seems that I didn't miss anything but the same winners in different gowns. Luckily, there were no raindrops to ruin any couture.
Anygay, let's make this quick, mom's got precious drinking to do.

Meryl decided to take a risk by not wear something black and boring, in the process proving you can look (as Joan would say) "age-appropriate" and still turn it. Thank you Ghesquière! Meanwhile, I'm surprised you haven't broken Sandy Bulls kneecaps by now.

Mo on the fast track to Oscar glory in an understated Badgley Mischka. I'm loving this Whoopi Goldberg-esque moment she's experiencing, let's just hope the beast legs remained under wraps.

Diane Kruger gets my vote for best dressed last night with this Obama-approved Jason Wu number. And for the record, mustard is never an easy color to pull off.

Speaking of things easily coming off, Mimi's got a weird side-half-boob thing happening here, but at least it's better than the full disclosure her globes had at the Globes.

Occasional actress, Kate Hudson, looked, well, great, for Kate Hudson, in Pucci. Oh, who am I kidding? She looks great for anyone. And to think I used to be on your side until you mucked everything up with a string of forgettable, regrettable rom-coms. I'm not getting on that bandwagon just yet, since you still bored me in Nine. But keep up the decent red carpet work and we can talk.

Drew continues to make the girls and I proud, having one of the greatest comebacks in H'wood history. And before she even finished puberty! Not in love with this Monique Lhuillier gown (the silhouette is stunning, but the differing blues in the bodice and gown throw me off a bit) but we're in love with you.

Marion Cotillard can do no wrong, in my humble opinion. Flawless in a short, perfect little Elie Saab...Haute Couture (that can't be right, can it?) dress. Why not?! This isn't a real awards show? I'm only shocked she wasn't in Dior.

You know, Julianna, I'm so glad you're back, not that I'll ever watch your show, but I'm glad. And I know everyone loves you in Narciso, but I just don't get it. Call me crazy.

I don't know what in gay hell is going on with this Armani Privé dress, nor do I care. Sophia Loren could wear a Juicy Couture sweatsuit and I'd die for it.

Carey Mulligan, you continue to win style points, though you're clearly not winning anything else since Sandy Bulls is charging ahead to the Oscars. Keep turning it, though, sweets.

Speak of the devil, here she is. Simple and almost regal in McQueen. I think we all know she's winning these awards for the Streepian task of taking what should have been a Lifetime movie and turning it into an actual theater release. Now that's star power!

Edie. No.

Jane. No. You almost had it, though. I'm pulling for you, as usual.

And here we have Nikki Kids, looking exquisite in Oscar de la Renta, about to rip the arm off whoever is standing in her way. The Kidman must be appeased!

First in a sparkling Stella frock and now in the ever-popular McQueen, the high-fashion makeover of Sookie Stackhouse, aka, Anna Paquin, everyone. I'll buy it. The hair, however, could use an up-do.

How cute! When's the wedding, fellas?

Speaking of which, I was wondering what these two were doing at the SAGs:

Then I saw this and realized they were on their first public date. How brave! And by the body language, I think it's safe to presume Justin got a good plowing later that night.

Finally, congrats are in order to our lovely lady-loving lady, Jane Lynch, who I hear is getting married! As always, you're an inspiration to us all!

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