Wednesday, January 13, 2010

W Really Knows How to Kick You When You're Down

While charting the evolution of Rihanna -- their February cover girl -- W couldn't resist including this little snippet: Regrets? Rihanna—in a not especially flattering metallic gray cut-out dress—with then-boyfriend Chris Brown at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.

Not only are they (rightfully) insulting her outfit, but the addition of this picture along with the "Regrets?" tagline really give a swift stiletto in RiRi's lady parts.

Nice one.

Meanwhile, of her best looks over the years, these are no doubt included:

AnA's always a fan of an exaggerated shoulder and an ankle bootie.

This, however, can be burned in the dumpster outside the Joyce Leslie where it was found:

God bless her, she tries. And, usually, fails.

But still, we appreciate the effort.

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