Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gossip Goyim

Gossip Girl returned from hiatus last night and thankfully returned to form as well. We could not handle anymore re-runs, or even worse, any more secret sex club shenanigans. Not even Chuck Fucking Bass can pull that one off and girl mixes plaids like a blind tartan hooker.

But back to business. The episode "Seder Anything", besides being unfortunately titled, was fun and as fresh as the CW series can muster, but more importantly it was fashion heaven. Give us a Ceceil Beaton day at the races My Fair Lady reference any day.

And Blair Waldorf, who is quickly becoming our favorite underdog (really, NYU?) stole the show (per usual) with a flawless burgundy hair band and ruffled collar cocktail dress, paired with a stunning olive green coat.

Even sad sack Serena got our attention with this eye-catching neon cerulean coat, that is when she wasn't making time with that British uber-hunk.

You better work, tranny.

Keep up the good work, GG. With Drag Race tucking and turning it across the country, Monday nights need your particular brand of bitchery.

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fashion herald said...

thank god it's back on track. i'm digging the uber hunk myself, finally a tall sexy boy on GG.

who dat