Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I Think My Favorite Time Was When I Was A Muse for Yves Saint Laurent"

Bones of the Roundtable

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned model caucus to bring the claws out. Oldest living supermodel, Lauren Hutton presides over the action like the queen mother she is; Iman is perfection incarnate, per usual; but Top Model judge Paulina Porizkova simply hates everyone.

She thinks girls start modeling too young, which is probably true, and that she was in the best period for modeling as there were no superstars. A comment for which Naomi was strangely absent (by the way, where the hell was Naomi for most of this roundtable? "Powdering" her nose? We know they didn't just cut her out of the frame. 3 to 1 Naomi had to jet off to something better about five minutes in. Any takers?).

However, in American Vogue's May issue, where one can find the report on this roundtable, Paulina expounds on that statement, saying that "if you were not part of the clique you were definitely left out." Naomi, of course disagrees, citing how supportive it was being friends with a group of girls, to which Paulina replies: "You were in a clique, Naomi."

No, Paulina. She was in the clique.


Naomi goes on to say that Linda and Christy would not work some shows if they didn't let her walk, which helped La Campbell become one of the biggest models, black, white, yellow or whatever have you, ever. Maybe cliques wouldn't be so bad. Imagine if Karlie and Caroline refused to walk unless Sessilee and Jourdan were cast? Bring back the model tribes!

And as for you, Paulina, we don't hold anything against you. You were amazing in your heyday, but obviously it smarts being left out of the popular girl's table at lunch. And this certainly hasn't help matters either. Which hurts most? The former supermodel jab or being kicked off a show you never wanted to be on in the first place? If you want our advice, run to Mama Ty Ty. She knows all about being snubbed by Naomi.

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