Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lohan Akimbo

Hey, remember this? "The height of fame" it reads. That was five years, 40 lbs, at least three hospital stays and two stints in rehab ago.
got hope?

Life continues its depressing downward spiral for one of AnA's fave ladies, Lindsay Lady-Lovin' Lohan. Not only has she been dumped by her boyfriend, Sammy Ronson, she was "embarassed" by being turned away from the "I Heart Ronson" party on Friday.

Look, they invited Jewel, the Hilton sisters and Jeremy didn't miss much except some awful mugging for the camera and Mark Ronson being typically hot.

But to add insult to injury, eating-challenged professional skeleton Nicole Ritchie's throwing shade too. According to the always "reliable" Daily Mail: [Linds] revealed that on the night of the party argument, she suffered further cruel indignity when Nicole Richie walked by her and said 'Uck.'

That f--ing bitch.

All right, tough love time. Lindsay, we love you. We always have, we probably always will. If this can make a comeback, anything is possible. Get some new friends, stop being une enfant terrible (because you're old enough to drink now) and get that movie career back on track. Lohan for an Oscar! 2012! Anyone?


Just cause.


danecharles said...

a haiku, to you-

la lohan reborn
a phoenix from the ashes
glamorous arise

fashion herald said...

nicole better be careful, uck karma will get her in the end.

who dat