Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heidi Klum to Nina Garcia: Shady Pines Ma!

Well this is a bit distressing. We here at the AnA loft are a little perplexed about the Weinstein Co.'s decision to move Project Runway to Lifetime, hence our quizzical hunches around the vodka cooler. Now, don' get us wrong, no one loves their Lifetime more than the gays, but the channel has never been, shall we say, cool. Their show line-up consists mostly of old shows that people love and newer shows that no one could give a pair of orange Crocs about. Add to that the fact that they've recently lost their golden luster to The Hallmark Channel and the move doesn't quite inspire our confidence. Is this a sign that Runway's tickety tack tranny days are numbered or that Lifetime is stepping up its proverbial game to appeal to a younger, hipper, gayer (if that's at all possible) demographic?

PJ Runway, long the jewel of Bravo's princess tiara, helped propel the channel to what it is today: a big ole gay wet dream with such fagtastic hits as The Real Housewives of Orange County, New York, Atlanta and most recently, New Jersey. Before La Klum first stomped down the catwalk in 2004 and Auf'd her first wannabe couturier, Bravo was vaguely artsy fartsy. Since then, however, it has dropped all of its pretension and most of its dignity with one reality show after another. As a result, its ratings and pop culture appeal have soared. Perhaps Lifetime hopes that Klum and Co. will do the same for them, or maybe the Weinsteins just got a better deal and expect their loyal viewers to remain loyal. After all, where else will we get our dishy dose of drama in the high-waisted, high pressure world of fashion? Where, I ask you?

By the way, the previews for The Fashion Show literally put us to bed last night. They even tucked us in and shut out the light. Competition is the new black. Really? As much as we LOVE Isaac, and acknowledge Kelly Rowland's minor contributions to Destiny's Child, we're not quite sold yet. Stay tuned, kids.

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