Monday, April 13, 2009

In The News Akimbo // Vogue Cover

The May 2009 cover of American Vogue has a lineup of "The Faces Of The Moment." Love the return of models, all smiling with their eyes. If I see Sienna Miller or Renee Zellweger in this rag again I'll scream. Anyway, here is the main front followed by a shot of the other girls on the fold-out.

Very 60s, Bardot tossled hair here, and soft makeup to die for.

Surpises in the line-up include Lara Stone's presence and Chanel Iman's absence. It's very commercial pretty. I'm counting: 3 Brazilians, 2 Russians, one German, one Brit, one Pole and one Ethiopian. Nothing to write home about, but no American models for American Vogue?

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fashion herald said...

*yawn* even lara looks commercial.

who dat