Thursday, June 26, 2008

Best of Milan!

Well the men’s shows in Milan are wrapping up in a lil bit and already some slouchy trends are coalescing dans le monde chic thanks to the shared Italian consciousness; next Spring expect ALT in Armani pajamas and Gucci floral shoes before changing into his Prada sweetheart blouse and Bottega bell trousers for evening. Think a bit trim and narrow but relaxed, all with a smattering hint of sky blue, of course.

The real winner this week was Prada, who once again reinterpreted “masculinity” (does that word even have any meaning anymore) with this bondage theme she’s been into for a couple seasons. Artificial materials (a refreshing Prada staple when the color is right), common raw fabrics tied and pulled (remember those tie-died wool trousers?), and high socks with little accessory showed some raw new shapes appropriate for our "moderno" tech age. Love it Miuccia; wrap me up with some nylon straps, make me lose 30 pounds, but let me take this coat – by far the best piece of the week – to go!

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