Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Send Them To Cubby Hole Akimbo

Through the blogosphere cometh another brand new advertising campaign! This time it's Chanel celebrating an AnA favorite: the rustic, rural lesbian.



Shot by Father Karl himself in Dolly's native homeland of Vermont (shocking, yes), the black and white images feature models Freja Beha and Heidi Mount in a Victorian embrace. Pas très Coco. It comes off rather stodgy, even though it is girl-on-girl, and we'd prefer a trademark Lagerfeld pop of color or two. What will he shoot next? Canoeing on Champlain?

Sneak Peak // Chloe Akimbo

Three of the lithest and longest dark blond mannequins in the business hoof it through hay in camel coats and capes for the windswept Chloe campaign. In this AnA exclusive preview, Mikael Jansson lenses Sigrid, Kasia Strauss and future American Vogue cover girl (just a rumor, kids) Karlie Kloss as they set their Arms Akimbo on the Spanish steppes.

We love the luscious 90s supermodel hair, the choreographed STEP and impeccable styling. Dolly approves the thigh-high boots for her own luscious limbs; Ms. Streisand always covets a pantsuit; and we challenge you to find Ms. Ross NOT in a cape or exaggerated drapery. Perfect and Golden for Fall!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Well Done Akimbo // Cammy Diaz

Ms. Streisand's future favorite film "My Sister's Keeper" premiered the other day, and AnA's favorite jokerface hit the red carpet in a beautiful white J. Mendel dress and crows feet around her eyes.

We love the electric white color and the vibrant sculptural effects on the front. The earrings look a bit off, but the red lip goes well with her eyes. Also competing for the most bronzed beauty that night was Rachel Zoe, strapped into a jumpsuit.

Rachel, we love you and your crinkly face. But why so plain? Where are the sequins? The daring cleavage? An event for a cancer film begs for some lighthearted looks!

Hunch Of The Day // Miami Migraine

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Sensitive, Insecure Male Model Who Reads?

Oh Jon Kortajarena, your name's as impossible as your beauty. A little squirrely with absolutely flawless hair...be still our collective hearts...

Divas Honor One of Their Own

It's never easy when a pop icon dies. But the blow is almost always softened by fond recollections from miscellaneous superstars who may or may not have known them.

"I can't stop crying; this is too sudden and shocking. I am unable to imagine this. My heart is hurting. I am in prayer for his kids and the family." -- Diana Ross

"He was a kind, genuine, and wonderful man. He was also one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived. I loved him very much and I will miss him every remaining day of my life." --Liza

“I am so devastated by this terrible news. From the beginning of my career, he was my idol in show business. He was a genius and an incredible artist! I remember when I was growing up and watching him on TV, and all his videos…I had his poster on my wall…he was so amazing…his singing, his writing, his dancing…it’s unbelievable that he’s no longer with us.”
-- Celine Dion

"I was so excited to see his show in London. We were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I'm devastated he's gone!" -- Britney Spears

“I am heartbroken…Let us remember him for his unparalleled contribution to the world of music, his generosity of spirit in his quest to heal the world, and the joy he brought to his millions of devoted fans throughout the world. I feel blessed to have performed with him several times and to call him my friend. No artist will ever take his place. His star will shine forever.” -- Mariah Carey

"I can't stop crying over the sad news. I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats, but his music will live on forever!" --Madonna

"The incomparable Michael Jackson has made a bigger impact on music than any other artist in the history of music." -- Beyoncé

"I am full of grief." --Whitney Houston

"I remember once we were at this party…I was with Val Kilmer and Bob Mackie had made me a pair of beaded socks for…Christmas…and Michael could not get over them…he said. ’I just love beaded socks.’” -- Cher

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unbearably Sad Akimbo


First Farrah, now the Queen of Pop, Michael Jackson?! Where is the justice in this world? I mean, can you fucking believe this?

Lady Lopez Akimbo

Our Lady of Italian Vogue takes an etherial spin through the magazine again this month with a lot of hunches, wigs, and ladylike cocktail dresses. And by ladylike we mean the Akimbo way, which is when a body conscious frock is paired with a dangerous looking pair of towering talons! Hoof it in these heels!

Hallowed Be Thy Mane / R.I.P.


The history of hair will never be the same.

Curiouser and Curiouser Akimbo

Promotional images from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland were recently released and AnA's already on board thanks to the pale blonde locks on pale newly blonde Anne Hathaway as the White Queen with a bold lip and undyed brow. Ethereal and edgy, in that mid-90s Drew Barrymore kind of way.

And then there's this tranny.

Oh Johnny. You can never do any wrong, particularly when you're called on to play a heavily made-up eccentric with a heart of crazy, hay-spun gold. You've had us in your pocket since Jump(!), 21 Jump St(!).

Alice is played by relative nobody, Mia Wasikowska. She's Australian so she'll probably be fucking huge.

Oh, look how tiny she is. Visual irony!

Rounding out the cast is Burton muse and longtime fiancée, the divine Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, sporting a massive head and Clara Bow lips. She's also giving some serious Bette Davis in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, but with less forehead and more whore make-up.

Needless to say, heads will roll.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guns Akimbo

Roberto Cavalli sent an expected sexy menswear collection out onto the runway yesterday, full of tight black jeans, amazing sport jackets with huge shoulders, and some of the best tanks so far for Spring. They came in different types, all Akimbo approved. The most fun were semi-sheer halter numbers for those comfortable with bare bicep and side-skin.
The rest were tied up or done with leather or other cool detailing.
Even the classic, cool designs -- which are unexpected from the flashy designer -- are perfect for a steamy day.
There were a lot of manly looks thus far in Milan so keep those eyes peeled more commentary on the mens shows!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boyfriend of the Day

David / ReQuest

The Calvin opener and closer. Absolutely perfect. Major props to Calvin for finally getting some color into their line-up (and their clothes...)

Hallowed Be Thy Mane / The Bottega Blow vs. The Fendi Fan

Boys vs. Girls

Who did it better?

The boys obviously look stunning (not to mention Maier served up the best show so far - the colors (!!!), the textures, the pants - all amazing). 

But the drama and height on the girls, may give Fendi the win...

But then again there's Simon... 

And he always takes the win. 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gay Face Akimbo


Our surly, British pocket boyfriend, Ed Westwick, dandies it up for the epic July issue of GQ, donning must-have looks for Fall.

A.) Damn you GQ for bringing up the Fall when it’s technically not even Summer yet.
B.) Ed’s dating Jessica Szhor? Really? Her?
C.) And he's roommates with Chace Crawford?

To channel the Gossip Girl herself, I smell a beard from Brooklyn who shouldn’t come a-knockin if the penthouse is a-rockin’.

As for the clothes, I still haven’t done any of my summer shopping yet so I refuse to acknowledge that they even exist.

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