Friday, February 27, 2009

Marriage Akimbo // Hot Equation



Broadway Akimbo // I Love Eating Chitas

Last night AnA went, escorted by a few royal friends and the diva herself (no not kidding), to the theater.
Love the film version. Love this story. Love the music. Love ethnic conflict. Love the costumes, those joyous vibrant clothes.So how did the new Broadway revival, now in previews, compare? Let's just say it was a drag.

The leads had no tangible chemistry, and the only acting that really popped onstage was lead Matt Cavenaugh's buttocks.

In addition, the clothes sucked. Some of the male actors wore Converse sneakers and flare jeans. Yet the girls wore period costume: short dresses and kitten heels on most. So what time period is it? And like in real life, the Puerto Ricans dressed the best but even then nothing felt authentic.

Even the actress playing Chita's role lacked oomph. Isn't it sad when an actor's hair is bigger than her talent? You're better off staying home with the DVD version.

Hunch Of The Day // Holla Hitch

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Governor's Ballin'

Yes. Glitter. Peter Soronen gown. Strapless. Chunky neck piece. Is it a necklace? Is it part of the dress? Who cares, it's fierce. We love you.

Currently-Slightly-Obsessed-With Akimbo // H&M

Same old hat, new tricks; our favorite Swedes (suck on it) H&M have done a good job retooling themselves as of late. First, here's a story from that free magazine they throw at you when you leave the store:

Nothing new with the styling, but it looks clean and young: belted dresses, le smoking jackets, and wild prints! And it's shot by Terry Tsiolis and model Heidi Mount works it. The cool look also turns up in the in-store posters:
But forget about the supermodels and fabulous photographers... they have GOLD:
Gold EVERYWHERE. Big tacky necklaces, gold chains layered one over another, gold rimmed glasses, bangley bracelets... it's Akimbo's schizophrenically magpie dream!

Gorgeous Akimbo // Freida Pinto

Freida. As an actress you burst onto the scene with Slumdog Millionaire. At the Oscars we were exhilarated by your inspired choice of gown: Galliano. As an ingenue you've made quite a high-cheekboned debut. And now this, your first cover:Gracing Indian Vogue, wearing Louis Vuitton, and looking absolutely stunning, Pinto is the sort of young actress Hollywood needs; unlike the ones we're saddled with. Keep up the Glam, girl.

Hunch Of The Day // Scallop-Shape Drape

Oh hi...Ladies Who Lez

Reunited and it feels so goo-oo-oo-oo-ood. Darling, just plant your face next to mine, I'll do all the heavy lifting. There that's it, plunk that flawless bare face right there and I'll get all kittenish with it, then we'll meet the cool kids in the loo for some worldly conversation. Have I mentioned how delicious you smell, dear. Imagine us in a cottage somewhere, raising a tribe of albino stick giants, you in Lanvin, me in nothing at all, we could be so happy, dear, really we could.

Cinematically the Waist

Dark Victory, 1939
Starring Bette Davis
Costumes by Orry-Kelly
Directed by Edmund Goulding

What's better than a hard-partying, glamorous socialite? Why, a hard-partying glamorous socialite who's just learned she's about to die and decides to go on a giant bender, of course. The incomparable Bette Davis is that socialite, Judith Traherne, all brass and tits, furs and gowns, booze and horse-riding.

And she's from Long Island! How times have changed, right? She develops a series of headaches and vague symptoms of vertigo, which she writes off as plain hangovers. We've all been there, girl. Turns out, though, she's actually dying from some random neurological disease that requires the brilliant surgical mind of a brilliant and hot young surgeon, played by George Brent. The surgery, though ridding her of her dizzy spells and double-vision (and leaving her with a bald spot, which she chicly covers with a series of little yarmulke-esque hats, see below) is unsuccessful and she's going to die anyway.

So, naturally, her best friend and the hot, young surgeon lie to her about everything. But here's the real kicker: she won't feel sick or different in any conceivable way until literally a few hours before she dies. Once she finally learns that she is going to die, however, Judy let's the dogs out and drinks the entire northeast coast under the table, before realizing that she wants to die with dignity and in a well-lit position that favors her cheekbones.

Oh, and there's little Ronnie Regan. Who was surprisingly, sort of a fox. How times have changed, indeed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doggy-Style Akimbo / Gisele the Greyhound

As I always say, model from your corn-rowed head to your stilleto-ed toes. 

Arch that back girl!



Best Subscription Service Cable Network Reality Drag Queen Competition Show Ever?

If you haven't been watching RuPaul's Drag Race, get off of this blog right now because we want nothing to do with you...or at least catch up on the last few episodes online (thanks future!) Just look at these remaining queens:

Shannel, witchy woman

Ongina, Filipina diva

Nina Flowers, and thrust that hip

Bebe Zahara Benet, African queen

Then there's this hot mess:

Rebecca Glasscock, tragic

But beneath the glitz and the glamour and the three pounds of make-up -- and we're cuing the sappy music -- there's a heart. Monday's Drag Race was the weepiest show we've seen since, well, Sunday's Oscars. After winning the Viva Glam challenge, wherein each queen had to shoot her own VG spot (that sounds dirty...I'll take it), Ongina broke down crying, her tiny hat and veil masking part of her face -- again with the music -- but not her soul. Turns out she's been living with the HIV for two years and hadn't even told her parents and winning this challenge gave her the courage to speak out. Touching, right? Next thing you know the water works are flowing -- judge Merle Ginsberg looked stunning with tears down those flawless cheeks -- except good ole Ru, who kept it composed and detached, yet warm and loving, cocking that bony head to the side in sympathy. Now this is good TV, kids.

Hallowed Be Thy Tan-Lines / Borderline Plus-Size

Our favorite 'angel' - Doutzen - wearing a different version of bra and panties...

Still Drunk Akimbo // Citrine?

Best of NY Fall 09 // Thakoon Bird of Paradise Furs

Many critics missed the mark in describing Thakoon Panichgul's work this season. Cliché vocabulary does not expound on potentially interesting ideas; at Thakoon, where classic cocktail dresses and suits and fun capes hit the runway, "interesting" burst out into the open through his furs.
The fur carried trendy neon and acidic colors, so Thakoon mixed them into contrasting blends and gradients that stretched from the shoulders and down the sleeves and front. Richness is an understatement when involving jungle references. Plus the coats and capes plumped up the shoulders, and everyone's doing that. Kudos to this design hottie for frocking Akimbo as subtle, big-shouldered parrots!

Hunch Of The Day // Cass Morass

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recap Akimbo // I Love New York

Oh hi.
Don't think we've forgotten our favorite NY shows. We're crafting our best-of lists as we sip these mango martinis. Tune in for Akimbo's favorite collections and favorite looks.

Hunch Of The Day // Crosswalk Balk

Hi. Bone. Go.

Photog: Who are you wearing?
Vicks: Shut up.

Stomp, Stam, Stomp!

All hip. Speaking of hip, how perfect are these little dresses from Christopher Kane?

A long way from the neon, Alaïa-esque mini dress shot heard round the world, this collection is just as infectious, if a bit more wearable. Change it up, girl, we like to be kept guessing.

Repeat Akimbo // Ape Over Kane

AnA loves when we write dueling posts (see above); so instead of consolidating we're going to say "suck on it" and just leave both. Our own Ms. Streisand hit the dainty nail on the even daintier head with her raving review of Isaac Mizrahi's jubilant and madcap collection. It set our collective minds atwitter with thoughts of blending moody realism with frenzied optimism: downtrodden buyers hungry for something positive. In London, everyone is talking about this in terms of Christopher Kane.
Kane cut his dresses for a conservative, potentially older audience; one a bit less nutty and colorful than last season. Sans gorilla, the looks were still dynamic: sexy overlays, nudes and sheer fabrics, black and cubism. So Kane is designing for a complicated lady, one interested in Prada sexiness and also plaided Grunge.
Nothing revolutionary here but the quality is rich. Also really feeling cozy sherling.The best way to encapsulate this collection is with a picture of the adorable Kane himself in an adorable outfit, bestill our Akimbo hearts:

who dat