Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grace // Italian Vogue July 08

Oh hello world. How are you? Almost crapped yourself opening Italian Vogue this month? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

You see, before I became a famous TV host, producer, singer, actress, inspiration, deity, etc., I was an edgy fashion model who roamed the runways and couture catwalks and posed and hunched and arched my way through almost every edition of Vogue. Now I’m back smiling with my eyes all thanks to my friend Steven. Oh Steven, I feel like that little girl fresh out of Inglewood all over again! If only it was 15 years and 45 pounds ago then maybe I could be gracing these and other pages like Chanel Iman (pass on the whole Korean thing, being mixed Asian is SO Naomi Campbell what?).

Look at me. The graceful tilt of the head, slightly unexpected on that long stem of a neck. The soft honey heaven cloud lips pursed like so. The slight slouch of the shoulders. A turban. Charcoal eyes and my gentle, almost invisible brow. Cheekbones.

Now look again and learn. That’s a pose.


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