Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Icon of the Week: Ethereal Girl

Boyfriend of the Day

Stuart Jones / SELECT

Suck my blood darling... 

Mouthed and Agape / Okey Smokey

Hunch Of The Day // Ballgown Fall-Down

Hallowed Be Thy Mane / Stam's Stems

Icon of the Week: Kittenish Cokewhore

Friday, September 26, 2008

Milanese Spotting

Polka dot patterns are big this season, especially in Milan.
Etro used them in an interesting desert brown that makes me think of Donna Karan. It felt a bit flat along everything else. The dots in this case are a bit overwhelming and, paired with those little jackets, something for the grandmother set.
Dolce and Gabanna shrunk the patterns into minute spots and created a sense of richness and depth to the fabrics. The reds and blues look full and deep. It's nice that the due stick to their guns -- bikinis, sexy numbers, and hot shoes -- but employ polka dots and other tricks to refresh their look.
Marni of course was a hodgepodge. The tights, the heels, the layering, and of course a belted waist feel right here. Consuelo Castiglioni uses the dotting as a tool to complicate the outfits; white plastic paillettes strung over a dark plaid skirt could only have that effect. Well done, lady, and we love a look made for a specific kind of lady: a Marni lady.

Not to say that Milan was the only market for these little do-dads.

Michael Kors' collection was a riotous exploration of the dot. Black and white combos prevailed but the offtide use of primary red was upbeat. The best and most enlightening look from New York and Milan came from Kors as well:

More on this Kors collection to come; anyone else excited for Paris?

MOVE // Grass

Fur! A breeze! Left arm extended! Now run!

Hunch Of The Day // Outdoor Contour

Hallowed Be Thy Mane / The Fendi Fan

No one does it quite like Karl...

Oh hi...

What? The hair? No, I’m not waiting around for a show or photoshoot. I was just on my way to Key Food to buy some pads and half a Hostess cake, because unlike some former it-girls, I still get my period. Sure, it only comes once in a blue moon, but you don’t see me complaining about it. I’m 19 and making money out my ass, who needs to shed the lining of their uterus when you’re jet-setting all over the world, wearing hate couture and generally being nauseatingly fabulous? Not I, said the Lopez. Give me Uncle Karl over Aunt Flo, any day. Now if you’d excuse me, I need to chew then spit out a Lil Debbie. Ciao.

Mouthed and Agape / Yawning Beauty

The Messiah

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Icon of the Week: Plastic from Head to Toe

I hope when I get famous, Mattel makes a doll this fierce for me. Wearing that outfit, natch... Work, doll, work. You own that runway!

Oh hi...

Next. Model. Management.

Here I am about to do my 113th show this season and you can't take any of the credit anymore. I used to be your star until that bitch Anja came along. You thought you could just devote your attention to someone other than moi?

You got what you deserved. Sure my career hasn't really changed since I went to DNA. I'm still in that fucking Oscar ad with that short-haired bitch. Just because she got 'edged out' with that bloody hair-cut does not make her worthy of posing alongside me. All she got was a hair-cut, I had to give myself a stomach flu to get where I am today. Bone thin and loving it.

LOOK at these clavicals! I threw up for 8 weeks for these. You never appreciated that.

Now, watch me just glare at you...

Hunch Of The Day // Cubic Crane

Mouthed and Agape / Suffocate-Me Seymour

Oops-There-Goes-My-Kids-All-Over-Your-Face Akimbo / Sean O. (OH OH OH OH OH YES YES YES HARDER HARDER FASTER FASTER FASTER.... Ohhhhhh)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boyfriend of the Day

Nate Gill / MAJOR

Not only is he stunning but the boy can pose.

1. A 'One Tit Wonder'

2. Be quiet as I ravage the shit out of you. (And I would say 'YES PLEASE')

3. I mean... just look at that body.

4. The orgasm face. Always epic.

Icon of the Week: Oh hi...

Where the fuck am I? Who the fuck are you? Did someone leave one of Alvin's chipmunks behind? Hey, you're kinda cute. And you can't even shave yet. Have we fucked ? Why are you standing on your tippy tooouuooes like that? What do you mean there's a butt plug up your ass? I think this may be loooouuuoove. Now get me a strawberry milkshake so I can dip your genitals in it and then we can talk about those little aliens you keep talking about. I'm intrigued.

Hallowed Be Thy Mane / Vidal Va-Vroom

Gender Role

The myriad of shows and the stomping of girls in different looks throughout makes me think about the roles of women in society, especially in terms of gender and femininity, which seasonally are reinterpreted. This idea feels especially timely now with the United States' Vice Presidential candidate, a wife and mother, poised to win election.

Anyway, until everything has wrapped -- what other shows will feature dishabille like Prada, and is that still interesting? -- consider these eerily similar but antipodean pages: one from French Vogue and other other from Vogue Hommes Japan.

Hunch Of The Day // Doll Dangle

Mouthed and Agape / Cancer Cave

Icon of te Week: Dark Lady

With her pin straight black hair, olive skin, equine beauty and her deep contralto, Cher was unlike anyone the entertainment world had either seen or heard. And at a little over 5'8 and all bone, she was a designer's dream to dress. Originally a flower child,Cher and then husband Sonny Bono fully embraced fur vests and bell bottoms.

But as they made the transition from being pop stars to television stars, Cher's fashion choices grew more extravagant, thanks to Designer to the Divas, Bob Mackie. Neither he nor Cher were afraid to show off her amazing bod with navel-grazing sequined gowns, feather boas, and sweeping trains, which, unsurprisingly, overshadowed Sonny on their popular variety show, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.

Inevitably, Cher went on to solo success, with a string of hits, followed by a surprisingly wonderful stint as a movie actress, eventually winning the Best Actress Oscar in 1988 for Moonstruck. And what did she wear to accept her little trophy?

Who else but Mackie?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hunch Of The Day // Albino-Glitter Twitter

Icon of the Week: Musings

Designer Bob Mackie with his favorite muse

Hallowed Be Thy Mane / Perfect Pre-Pubescent Part

Meet 14-year-old future hair supermodel Austria @ IMG

Look at that fullness...

See it swish on the runway...

I Just Gagged

Why not wear a white cape with lace detailing and a rosette tie on the first day back to school? While quietly plotting the downfall of the chubby-faced new girl, it keeps you warm from all the cold stares of envy and fear in the lunchroom.

Boyfriend of the Day

Rusty Joiner, LA Models.

The all-American look has always bored me, but how can you possibly argue with this?

Mouthed and Agape / Crater Face

Spring Trends // Balenciaga Redux

The true taste makers and originals in fashion can be counted on one hand: Prada, Lagerfeld, Jacobs, Elbaz, Ghesquière. Monsieur Nicolas at Balenciaga has seen many of his ideas remade for Spring, starting in New York and popping up in Milan.
Here are a few images from the Fall Balenciaga collection. Remember the riffing on sculptural design, black dresses to the knee, futuristic shines, shifts and sheathes, rounded shoulders, and narrow graphic trousers?
In New York, girly American dressmaker Cynthia Rowley took a break from fun Spring colors to experiment with black and geometry. The sheerness and layering make it airy, and a sheath is a CR staple, so the Balenciaga-ness felt new, unforced and true to the designer.
Oscar de la Renta toyed with black as well, mixing it with some color and white, kept lengths to the knee, employed slits, sculptural cuts around the neck, and piping to add shape, so it felt very Balenciaga (a plus) but not very new (redux gone bad).
Narciso Rodriguez is a master of construction and molding fabric. Who knows if Rodriguez echoes Balenciaga intentionally, but the lengths and roundness of things suggested it.
The house of Gianfranco Ferré, with a new design team in place, pleased everyone this Spring with an outstanding parade of great dresses, interesting volumes and - dare we - dazzle that editors are already clamoring for. Expect these invigorated looks to get great editorial exposure.

With everyone always wondering who inspires who, and how designers create trends as if they feed from a collective consciousness, here's a comparison of a Balenciaga evening look and a Grecian gown by legendary French couturier Madame Grès:

The pulling and wrap of the fabric, the statue-like drapery towards and across the hip: both Grès trademarks. Even the best enfants terribles dole out un bisous or two when they're due.

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