Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Inspiration Akimbo / Tie Dye For

Hello summer!!! 

1OAK Akimbo // Near Miss!

AnA loves a night out, and adores a GAY night out at a hetero-establishment. Sunday, whilst recovering ourselves from ill-advised fruit flavored shots, and wearing creative knits, we teetered past 1OAK and contemplated stopping by for the gay party. To rest our tired ankles. Despite the begging of those who worked the door, we passed and opted to flock home.

March 31, 2009 --
IF you want
Valentino Garavani to hang out, you'd better provide him with some suitable eye candy. The 76-year- old designer was spotted at West 17th Street club 1Oak last Sunday during the venue's self-promoted "gay night." A spy told us that the couture king "walked in, scanned the crowd and then immediately turned and walked out." The snitch said, "a lot of the guys were abuzz when they saw Valentino walk in, and were disappointed he didn't stay."

Fuck. AnA has partied with amazing photographers, fabulous designers, ANTM winners, and more millionaires than leggings in our closets, but rarely do we canoodle with legends! Was his attitude over the sell-out success of his film? Or when you've survived wars, breakups, various recessions, and Madonna, are you allowed to act however you want?

Hunch Of The Day // Dire Vampire

MOVE // Lauren Hutton!

Step! Laugh! Sunglasses! AARP!

"Fresh" Faces

Style.com recently named their favorite faces, the most popular girls on the runway this past season. Girl. These faces are about as fresh as that arugula salad Dolly left in the AnA refrigerator last month, citing a moody bowel, which in reality turned out to be a severe coke addiction. The nose knows, missy.

I see one Asian face and a whole bunch of blah. Amidst a lackluster fashion week, save the brilliance of Alexander McQueen and a few notable others, these bony, pallid faces leave a bad taste in my already sour mouth. Note how Style gives top billing to Tao Okamoto and her flawless bowl cut, but she's only at the ten spot.

Personally, I couldn't pick the majority of these girls out of a line-up, but then again, that is the point. I guess as long as there's a fierce token for us to latch onto we really can't complain. Come here, Tao. That's right, shh, you're with family now. AnA will never let you go...that is unless we're in the vicinity of alcohol or reasonably attractive men.


It has happened to me. Well, all of us but AnA really feels its mostly for us. The video for Auntie Ru's "Cover Girl" (FACE FACE FACE!) is online and it is... well, it is. Judge for yourselves, Trannies (and Trannylovers).

P.S. CamerooooOOOOOooon!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mouthed and Agape / Double En-tongue-dre

Boyfriend of the Day

Mark Vanderloo by Hedi Slimane

Make it vintage any day of the week. Lord knows here at AnA we like our beef aged... YUM!

Oh shalom...


No, this isn't '97... )although by the styling who can fucking tell. It really is me, Mr. Kravitz!

So, you've all probably been wondering : "Where have all the hot, bl-ewish, well-dressed, 'straight' rockstars gone?" Well comrades, here I am, inexplicably gracing the cover of Vogue Russia.

I know, my dreads are gone... as is my youthful glow (and relevance to pop culture), but it is me - I swear! I have no idea who this blonde chick is, but I do love posing next to her.

How is this angle?

I've got to run now. I would've referenced one of my songs if only I can actually remember any of them... oh well, Ciao!


Uncle Lenny

Spike Akimbo // Where The Wild Things Are!

Spike Jones the director has given us much in life. First there was Cameron Diaz's hair and style in Being John Malkovich:
Then in Adaptation he showed us Meryl Streep's boobs and also Nicolas Cage(s) at his depressed best:

Now Spike's long awaited film Where The Wild Things Are looks amazing; here is the trailer. Get excited!

Fétiche Akimbo // That's Fetish In Franche

The kilt honestly is just a reason for men to cross-dress. Nothing wrong with that, says the amazing cougar Carine Roitfeld, who styles for Patrick Demarchelier's shooting in this month's Vogue Hommes International. A length that hits at the knee works with a top gone grunge and lots of layers of knits, t-shirts and leather. Filthy hair helps as well.

Hunch Of The Day // Red Room Wrangle

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hunch Of The Day // Breast Blooper

Leggings Akimbo // A Rainbow

Kind of over black leggings and tights. Russian Vogue has a fun shoot by KT Auleta about colored legwear. You can get nice versions in a rainbow of hues at Uniqlo, where they are technically for women but boys can get in on the deal; AnA wants canary yellow. They retail for about $5.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

If You Have Nothing Better To Do And Live In Williamsburg Akimbo

Hunch Of The Day // In Triplicate Tan

Bitch Attitudes Akimbo

AnA supports from our manicured tips to our tiny Laboutins a moody mademoiselle who's into masculine clothing. But think less Annie Hall; go for tough bitch via Olivia Newton John. Here is the look according to April's Vogue UK as shot by Alasdair McLellan. Go denim since it's titled Mood Indigo:

And then here it is via this month's Vogue Paris, where androgynous reigns supreme. Same model, similiar attitude, but a more relaxed feel. Mario Sorrenti rules.

Birthday Akimbo: Ms. Ross

It was on this day, 65 years ago (though she's as old as time itself, natch) that the messiah returned in the form of a Black, lanky, doe-eyed, slightly insane chanteuse and mega-bitch known to the world as Diana Ross. For the original dreamgirl and AnA's premiere Icon of the Week, what better way is there to celebrate than with this over-the-top montage from her Citizen Kane, 1976's Mahogany:

Obviously robbed of a Best Actress Oscar nomination, no? Happy Birthday, Motha!

In The News // MTA Akimbo

Fellow New Yorkers, join us at Armed and Akimbo to celebrate the recent MTA service cuts and fare increases! Because "public transportation" means for those who can afford it! Let's explore alternative means of transport the only way AnA knows how: via fashion editorial.

Italian Amica

"Shopping Carts"
Allure Korea

Vogue Hommes International

Privé Asia
Harpers Bazaar US
"Laugh About It!"
Elle Italy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drag Race Akimbo: And the Winner Is...

As you should know if you're at all fabulous, season one (Dear Judy -- Please let there be another season. xoxo AnA) RuPaul's Drag Race, came to a close. And which queen came out on top?Obvi. The Lady Bebe Zahara Benet, the most fierce queen since the original supermodel of the world herself, shauntayed away with a clutch purse full of gifts and an eight-foot crown worthy of a true queen. Don't act surprised, bitch was giving serious face and body from day one, and as soon as she threw on that leopard cat suit and eighty pound Chaka Khan wig, the die had been cast. Still Miss Nina Flowers worked it while Ongina was robbed by that goofy-footed train wreck, Glasscock.

As soon as it was over, we were treated to the reunion special, bringing back all the girls for some closure and general shade-throwing (Shannel: I didn't lose to you, I left. I just wanted you to know that). Tempers and wigs were already riding high when Ru brought out the judges for some face time with the ladies. After so much bleating and weeing from the likes of Tammie Brown and Channel about how much negativity was thrown their way, Ru had the biggest blow-up from one diva mentor to a diva mentee since Tyra yelled at that limp-haired hood rat Tiffany in cycle 4 of Top Model.

Claws in, girls, Motha does not take that kind of back-sass. I can't wait to see everyone on the red carpet when they accept their much-deserved Best Reality Competition Emmy. If there's any justice in this mixed up, tranny-loving world, it'll happen...

Other Blogs Akimbo

Love a revamped TheLuxuryspot.com and a launch party. Work. It. Queens.

CM Akimbo

AnA loves a flirty Catherine Malandrino frock. We also love booze, discounts, and an excuse to mock the Meatpacking bridge and tunnel roaming the sidewalks.

See you there!

Biopic Akimbo // Judy!

News, glorious news! Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway is set to play our Lord and Savior Judy Garland in an upcoming film!

With Herr Weinstein backing this film, Anne will probably nab her Best Actress Oscar! Let's hope the booze and cigarettes don't fuck it up.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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