Friday, April 16, 2010

Pardon Me While I Shoot Myself in the Face

"Since his arrival on the scene a decade ago, when he was a freshman at New York University, Mr. Blasberg has gone unrivaled in making connections with boldface names....At N.Y.U., Mr. Blasberg met a model who lived in his dorm and who introduced him to her agent at Elite, where he got a job writing bios of models. During a semester abroad in London, he did the same for Models 1, a top agency in Europe. During his junior year, he was an intern at W, and his senior year was spent at Vogue."

--yet another in depth piece from the NY Times

Meanwhile, my freshman year at NYU was spent losing 30 lbs and learning to binge drink. I'm glad to know my youth was completely wasted.

And yes, I am very bitter. Very, very bitter.

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