Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here at Armed and Akimbo, we are always half-assedly committed to bringing you, our loyal and might I add fierce readers, the latest and greatest in fashion. In keeping with that grand, three-month old tradition, we are proud to announce our newest project: flawless. What is flawless you might wonder to know? Honey. It’s a big, fat hit just waiting to happen; a sparkling, glittery album about fashion, drugs and disco. Everything a girl could want or need. Think Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing, done up in a couture gown made of stars and wishes. And the following is the tentative track listing:

1. Intro/Lamé
2. High-Waisted Heaven
3. Fucking Marc Jacobs
4. Eyeliner Notes
5. Armed and Akimbo
6. Grabbed by the Disco Balls
7. High-Heeled Lowlifes
8. Uncle ALT
9. Studio 54, Where Are You?
10. $10,000 A Day
11. I Don’t Do Lines or Covers (Except Lines on Covers)

Look out for flawless, turning it and dropping it Fall 2009…or whenever we get around to it, you know.

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