Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chinese Vogue // Olivia Newton-Du Juan

Here is a nice editorial from Chinese Vogue, a great compliment to the Conde Nast family. Great photographers and stylists in addition to the punch of using fabulously diverse models (like former Miss China, Du Juan) make this magazine the one that we want:

Look at Du Juan standing around in some carefully styled natural lighting in what reminds me of the location of that car chase in Grease:

Both the movie and the spread have in common clothes with pumped shoulders, tight pants, exaggerated shapes with emphasis on the hip, and lots of black. Coincidence?
Judging by the high level of "Fierce" in both, I'd say not.

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Tricia said...

i need to buy this film, look at ONJ in those shiny leggings. Du Juan is holding her own, too.

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