Thursday, August 28, 2008

High-Waisted Heaven

I don’t like Penny’s
Don’t care for Kohls
Fuck a Sears catalogue
I got my French Vogue
J’adore Dior
I live for couture
Strap on a stiletto
And kick down the doors

Keep your plain white tees
And faded, baggy denim
Gimme! Gimme! A high-waisted pant
I’m in heaven!

Uncle Karl Coco’s my Chanel Iman
Lady Miuccia lights my fire
Elbaz drops the waist
And Galliano flaunts my desire
I live in despair
Sans Ghesquiere
Take me to the tents
Hey, Diane! I’m here!


Pose! Pose! Pose! Pose!
Work! Work! Work! Work!
Turn it, kill it, drop it at the gate
Bring me Tom Ford’s head on a crystal plate
Work! Pose! Work! Pose! Extend!
Fuck it, bring me Tom Ford’s dick instead

who dat