Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1OAK Akimbo // Near Miss!

AnA loves a night out, and adores a GAY night out at a hetero-establishment. Sunday, whilst recovering ourselves from ill-advised fruit flavored shots, and wearing creative knits, we teetered past 1OAK and contemplated stopping by for the gay party. To rest our tired ankles. Despite the begging of those who worked the door, we passed and opted to flock home.

March 31, 2009 --
IF you want
Valentino Garavani to hang out, you'd better provide him with some suitable eye candy. The 76-year- old designer was spotted at West 17th Street club 1Oak last Sunday during the venue's self-promoted "gay night." A spy told us that the couture king "walked in, scanned the crowd and then immediately turned and walked out." The snitch said, "a lot of the guys were abuzz when they saw Valentino walk in, and were disappointed he didn't stay."

Fuck. AnA has partied with amazing photographers, fabulous designers, ANTM winners, and more millionaires than leggings in our closets, but rarely do we canoodle with legends! Was his attitude over the sell-out success of his film? Or when you've survived wars, breakups, various recessions, and Madonna, are you allowed to act however you want?

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