Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mission Accomplished Akimbo // Snooze

Here is a quote from Patrick Robinson, creative director of the Gap, as posted online today via British Vogue:

"My aim is that the clothes should look three to four times more expensive than they are ... I want the customer to look at the product and be surprised by the price. I want the collection to be affordable, but the product needs to be the attraction."
Apparently Robinson (pictured above with his cougar lady, Vogue editor Virginia Smith) is still attempting to integrate his high-end experience (from Paco Rabanne and others ) into the tried and true Gap aesthetic.
For Spring and Summer, the Gap offers a cute mix of short dresses and pretty skirts and cardigans in the usual array of bright colors. So Patrick: High end? Of course not. Surprising quality and look for the price point? Also a big no. Until an exciting talent takes the reigns - a great way to shake things up - we'll keep wearing last season's cargo shorts and boyfriend sweaters.

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