Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh hi...Year of the Big Girl

Uncle Karl never thought he'd be standing next to someone so fat. Let alone take a picture with them. Let alone be secretly in love with them. Uncle Karl loves this fringe thing you are doing, it is very, well, it's just very. Uncle Karl has in mind an ad campaign featuring you in nothing but a Fendi tote and heels, twirling around on a top made of Swarovski crystals all the while flanked by a dozen nude male models grabbing at your ample bosom. In sepia tone. Uncle Karl wants that done by the end of the day or someone loses a job and their first born.

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fashion herald said...

read an interview with her when she says uncle karl said some not so flattering things about her size. is it bad i preferred fat Karl and pudgy Marc? I only want skeletal on the girls.

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