Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh shalom...


No, this isn't '97... )although by the styling who can fucking tell. It really is me, Mr. Kravitz!

So, you've all probably been wondering : "Where have all the hot, bl-ewish, well-dressed, 'straight' rockstars gone?" Well comrades, here I am, inexplicably gracing the cover of Vogue Russia.

I know, my dreads are gone... as is my youthful glow (and relevance to pop culture), but it is me - I swear! I have no idea who this blonde chick is, but I do love posing next to her.

How is this angle?

I've got to run now. I would've referenced one of my songs if only I can actually remember any of them... oh well, Ciao!


Uncle Lenny

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