Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In-The-News Akimbo // Jil Sander for Uniqlo

WWD reports today that German designer Jil Sander will take over the creative helm of Uniqlo, the wildly popular Japanese retail store. To commemorate the exciting news, here is Sander appropriately with a Japanese person.

Uniqlo has used high-end designers like Alexander Wang in the past. In that vein, Sander is an appropriate choice. Uniqlo carries basics like colorful jeans, button-downs, peacoats and loose cardigans, and Sander made her career crafting minimalist pieces at her namesake label, which she quit for good in 2004 (Raf Simons has been turning it out at the house). Here are some of her trademark "intelligent" pieces from her time there:

Glad the Japanese and Germans have finally in the history of their two peoples found a common venture on which to collaborate... too soon?


fashion herald said...

you mean too soon after WWII? hmm, i think they have to be trusted to work together in the fashion arena - because I can't believe this and am kind of dying! what will inseams be now, 38??!

arms.akimbo said...

Nothing like a drop-crotch pant to help me through the day, sister.



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