Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swing Coats Akimbo // Giambattista Valli

Name anything more pleasing than outerwear with a sense of swing:

Here in the AnA loft we often find us girls adrape in shift cover-ups, voluminous capes and giant furs. Giambattista Valli interpreted ease with Fall's somber colors but also snuck in color. Plus since everyone is going animal crazy, what feels more fabulous than peacock prints on evening wear?
Peacock print, give me the hilarity of peacock FEATHERS.
Some days I feel like an oppressed high shouldered farmer's wife living on the PRAIRIE:
Other days I want HIGHLAND SHAG:

Oh Giambattista. Every season is a dream and awash in ideas. What a high-necked wonder.

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fashion herald said...

please please please make that long fur vest thing fall on my lap come September, pleasepleaseplease.

who dat