Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Fresh" Faces

Style.com recently named their favorite faces, the most popular girls on the runway this past season. Girl. These faces are about as fresh as that arugula salad Dolly left in the AnA refrigerator last month, citing a moody bowel, which in reality turned out to be a severe coke addiction. The nose knows, missy.

I see one Asian face and a whole bunch of blah. Amidst a lackluster fashion week, save the brilliance of Alexander McQueen and a few notable others, these bony, pallid faces leave a bad taste in my already sour mouth. Note how Style gives top billing to Tao Okamoto and her flawless bowl cut, but she's only at the ten spot.

Personally, I couldn't pick the majority of these girls out of a line-up, but then again, that is the point. I guess as long as there's a fierce token for us to latch onto we really can't complain. Come here, Tao. That's right, shh, you're with family now. AnA will never let you go...that is unless we're in the vicinity of alcohol or reasonably attractive men.

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