Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GQ - Gentleman's Queer-terly

Rough. Is this just a bad angle, or is someone aging horribly?

While buying groceries for the week, Jack and Diet Coke, at my local supermart, who did I spot leering out at me in my aisle with that snide, self-satisfied look he's been sporting since dumping one Ms. B. Spears, but one Ms. J. J. Timberlake? Allegedly straight men's fashion magazine (oxymoron much?) GQ has named their ten most stylish men in America and Timberlake, the George Michael of his generation -- except, you know, without the talent or the boysex -- is their coverboy. He is touted for bringing back "sweater vests and beards and the three-piece suit and the skinny tie" on the mag's website, which apparently missed out on what was happening in the East Village and Brooklyn for the past, oh, ten years. Thanks for continuing to prove how irrelevant you are GQ.

The rest of the list fares a little better. Kanye is on there, natch.

Actual quote: "‘Kanye West is gonna wear this Day-Glo suit.’ No, Kanye West is not! I might wear a Day-Glo pocket square. Or socks. But I’m a normal human being! Kanye West is not your hanger."

Ever since Sir Elton got off the blow and blew up like une grande maison, there has been no real, legitimate male diva. That is until Ms. West. Girl's throwing tantrums left and right, sewing in the back of limos, interning at LVMH and, naturally, is talking about starting his own fashion line, all the while sporting a questionable at best mullet. We get it. A diva is no longer the female version of a hustler (of a-of a hustler), but also the male version of an egocentric bitch. As if the divas at AnA didn't know that. By the way, where the hell were we on this list? And don't get us started on the glaring omission of our patron saint.

Other notables on the list included these two sexysexies:

Alex Lubomirski. Is there some law that requires most if not all photographers to be unbelievably hot? ...And stalking you.

TI, I'll wait for you to get out of jail -- not gonna lie to you, ex-convicts...bit of a turn-on.

And then there's this:
"Actor" and "indie rocker" Jason Schwartzmann. We'd like to see some credentials on both of those claims, thank you.

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fashion herald said...

ugh, horrid JT picture. and how tall is Kanye? he's looking shrimpo in that photo.

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