Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is Having Style an Actual Talent?

I know we're in full Fashion Week/Month mode, but has anyone seen Vh1's latest bastard child, Glam God? Quick rundown if you haven't seen it: 12 whacky contestants with even whackier names (Indashio, Tigerlily, Handry, Coxy anyone?) compete to see who can be the next Philip Bloch/Rachel Zoe type person. You know: an irrelevant, overtanned egofactory who dresses stars and celebutantes. And it's all hosted by the, er, glamorous Vivica A. Fox, she of the Kill Bill and humping 50 Cent fame. First off, really? Viv. Viv Fox? Girl's one hormone cycle away from being a tranny, and a bad one at that. Vh1, couldn't we have gotten someone a little more glamorous to host a show called, well you know. A Dita von Teese? A Claudia Schiffer? Hell, I'll take Wesley Snipes in drag as Ms. Noxzema Jackson. No offense, but, Fox, you're a hot mess.
And her stylist is none other than quote-unquote "glam god" Philip Bloch. He styles Halle Berry so I'll give him a free pass. But now to the heart of this rant/ramble. This show just seems like the lazy-eyed, inbred cousin to Project Runway. Whereas that show has seriously talented, and a few not so talented (Blayne, anyone?) designers whose talents and wills are tested in this trend a minute, go go GO business we call fashion. it's occasionally entertaining, if not interesting stuff to watch. But is putting together, not sewing or constructing, but literally picking out pieces of pre-selected clothing a real talent? Sure, style is something you either have or you don't and it really can't be taught. But style is also subjective. What one diva thinks looks fierce another might think is just unflattering and god awful. And who's to say the bitch couldn't have just picked something out for herself? Then again, if said bitch can't put together an outfit to save her life, then a stylist is truly an essential. And the right outfit can make or break a star. Just look at Ann Hathaway's stunning turn at this year's Oscars. The Prada star looked stunning in Marchesa, and practically stole the show, despite not even being nominated (though she should have been for Brokeback, but past is passed).
I'm still midlly conflicted as to whether this show deserves to be on the air. Then again, most reality shows are pointless and at worst, boring (The Hills anyone?), so I'll take anything that gives me a bunch of fags playing dress up with life-sized dolls. Just get Viv some help.

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