Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh hi...

Next. Model. Management.

Here I am about to do my 113th show this season and you can't take any of the credit anymore. I used to be your star until that bitch Anja came along. You thought you could just devote your attention to someone other than moi?

You got what you deserved. Sure my career hasn't really changed since I went to DNA. I'm still in that fucking Oscar ad with that short-haired bitch. Just because she got 'edged out' with that bloody hair-cut does not make her worthy of posing alongside me. All she got was a hair-cut, I had to give myself a stomach flu to get where I am today. Bone thin and loving it.

LOOK at these clavicals! I threw up for 8 weeks for these. You never appreciated that.

Now, watch me just glare at you...

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