Friday, September 26, 2008

Milanese Spotting

Polka dot patterns are big this season, especially in Milan.
Etro used them in an interesting desert brown that makes me think of Donna Karan. It felt a bit flat along everything else. The dots in this case are a bit overwhelming and, paired with those little jackets, something for the grandmother set.
Dolce and Gabanna shrunk the patterns into minute spots and created a sense of richness and depth to the fabrics. The reds and blues look full and deep. It's nice that the due stick to their guns -- bikinis, sexy numbers, and hot shoes -- but employ polka dots and other tricks to refresh their look.
Marni of course was a hodgepodge. The tights, the heels, the layering, and of course a belted waist feel right here. Consuelo Castiglioni uses the dotting as a tool to complicate the outfits; white plastic paillettes strung over a dark plaid skirt could only have that effect. Well done, lady, and we love a look made for a specific kind of lady: a Marni lady.

Not to say that Milan was the only market for these little do-dads.

Michael Kors' collection was a riotous exploration of the dot. Black and white combos prevailed but the offtide use of primary red was upbeat. The best and most enlightening look from New York and Milan came from Kors as well:

More on this Kors collection to come; anyone else excited for Paris?

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Tricia said...

that donna karan brown - bravo. I bow down, and now must admit i have a version of it balled up in my closet. at least it's very tight and sexy & a sample i got ages ago. the last time i wore it i drove my date's ferrari. oh, god, that says it all.

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