Friday, October 10, 2008

Icon of the Week: Quintessence of a Movie Star

Every generation of moviegoers has their quintessential male movie star, one who embodies class and sophistication, wit and intelligence, sex appeal with a sly sense of humor. The archetype, no doubt, is Cary Grant, who taught every man how to wear a tux and be a gentleman without taking themselves too seriously.

Redford was his dashing successor, always stylish, always dreamy; whether in a worn pair of jeans or dressed to undress in his best Gatsby. And really, isn’t that what style is all about: the ability to pull off any look with confidence and poise?

Gentleman George and bff, Mr. Jolie-Pitt have followed in Bob’s Italian loafer footsteps, but who amongst this latest crop of young H’wood thespians will pick up the pocket square of refinement?

My bet is on little Jimmy Franco, already breaking hearts and making ladies--of both sexes--swoon. He’s got the charm, the talent, the looks and thankfully the comedic chops to do ole Cary proud.

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Tricia said...

mmm, M. Franco, oui!

who dat