Friday, October 17, 2008

In The News // Project Runway

Leanne's winning collection from the Project Runway show was pleasant and satisfying for the critical fashionista in a myriad of ways.
For Spring, Leanne stuck to a tealish blue and a sharp cream. The first and second looks were clever inverses and reinterpretations of each other; sweetheart necklines that looked pliable, super trendy above-the-knee skirts, and of course the wave effect that everyone has been doing.
In fact it was the use of scallop shapes and curves that made the collection feel modern; for a designer so green and new, everything felt calm and confident.
She almost went prom in a few places but overall the show was great. Where else this season have we seen strong geometric shapes and scallop capes?

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Tricia said...

that teal and cream, wow. and yes, slightly too prom. she has an etsy site, which is of course sold out, but there was a great scarf/collar. interesting stuff.

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