Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh hi...

Oh hi! It's me, Jourdan Dunn WORKING IT backstage with my camera at Prada!

How good do I look? Can you believe my dark skin against this shiny gold? That pose?

Oh hey Sasha thanks for taking that picture of me! So glad you're back and looking demure after not being in the show last season? Back at fighting weight? Do you think my black skin took your pale ass' place? HAha just kidding!

Girls girls, look at the camera! What a lovely Klan, I mean group you all make!

Look at this white girl pose! Too bad she grew up pickin' potatoes in Bratislovavitchava or wherever and not in mean dirty London like me!

Look at this other white girl! Can you believe that goofy face? She's the new big thing? Fuck girls you all need to BRING it or I will literally trip you myself on that runway!

OMG this is totally candid. Is that a tribal print? Is that a belly shirt? WTF?

Hey Karlie! I'm soooo good thanks... sure! Your grandmother can take a picture of us! Hahaha Karlie that tickles Karlie so stop! Stop. No really Karlie. Paws off the mahogany.

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