Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hallowed Be Thy Mane (and Agape Mouth) / The Fiery Fangs of Reinvention

The picture is amazing, but let us pose some questions to ponder about the much discussed red hair - 

Fabulous or flat? (I think she looks fab, but to me it's not about the hair but that little rat face of hers... so perfect) 

How much did Grace Coddington pay her for going flaming red?

Does Coco need a reinvention already?

Is she trying to be the new Aggy - the hair chameleon? Maggie Rizer? 

Does it age her a little?

Is 'standing out' the new 'blending in'?

Does anyone really do red better than Ms. Elson (the fiercest fire crotch ever)? 

I mean Vogue says it best - Glorious...

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