Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pre-Fall // Oscar de la Renta

Mr. Oscar went tough and tinny with his shapes and palette the other day when he showed his pre-Fall collection, a demi-season once confined to showrooms and editor presentations. But everyone's doing shows now -- even Resort has turned into a big to-do -- and one of the best was de la Renta.

His typical and steadfast lady looked determined, an understandable "don't-mess-with-me" mentality given the state of the world, wearing concrete greys, tough blacks that shone, demure knee lengths and those little riding hats we've loved since Balenciaga reminded us of cheval chic.

LOVED all the metallic, especially the dulled silver detailing. Hot boots, sexy trompe l'oeil sparkly dresses, and some quirky colors made right had a shimmer; he's thinking of Condoleeza Rice, and Hillary better get into it.

A few knee-length dresses strayed in shag territory, and occasionally too far -- referencing
Chewbacca is a fashion no-no for most -- but the more muted hues were fun and lunch-at-Pastis appropriate.
Oh Oscar. How you do a print. Fun, bold, a little edgy. A few giant pansies. And the colors are bright. All in all, for a look into the Oscar psyche, and a mid-season peek at that, it was fun, timely and gorgeous.

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