Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Colour of Couture: The Big Three

Really, the only three.

Jourdan, Chanel and Sessilee continue to stomp down the runways for equality, even in this, the most exclusive and elitist of fashion catwalks, Haute Couture. Especially in these trying, bargain, priced to move times, Haute Couture represents the triumph of the imagination, so would it be such a stretch of the imagination to have more than three stunning black girls representing diversity? And do they take away from the clothes at all? Naomi in Heaven (…?), no! It’s Gaultier HC and no woman, model or otherwise, could possibly overshadow the pieces in this incredible collection. The designer has done his work; the clothes are strong, lovely and highly desirable -- if unattainable -- so why worry about the eye being distracted by a different face, a different shade, a different size? If anything, these three nouveau supermodels remind one of a young Josephine Baker, full of joie de vivre and passion, twirling around half-naked in a Parisian nightclub, giving the clothes and added touch of Fun! Love! Life! How many gaunt, staving frames can one stare at before one starts to get bored and feel a bit ill at ease? Diversity adds to the look and feel of a show, eschewing a single-minded conformity for a global economy and universal togetherness that is necessary if we’re going to survive the coming New Wal-Mart World Order. And if you need further argument, just take a look at how ethereal, how absolutely fucking divine Liu Wren looks—she’s floating on gossamer wings!

Give us more color underneath the clothes!

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