Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fall 2009 // Bottega

Refinement is a term regularly used to describe Tomas Maier's collections for Bottega Veneta, and for men this season Maier revealed the lush comfort of a nipped waist and narrow cuffed trousers. Suits in monochromatics, slim collars popped and turtlenecks; the mot du jour was order and buttoning-up, all without dangering into 80s territory.

Not to say he doesn't have a sense or humor. He made bowties from different luxurious fabrics, and paired with tweed they looked great. A jaunty scarf about the neck, a cute crew; in an age of military and tough, the opposite feels fresh.
Softness and roominess are regular ideas chez Maier so the rounded shoulders of a plaid coat stick with the house's ideas, but differently. Also giving off new vibration were the furs; skinny boys keeping out of the cold in thigh-length pelts. Unlike the jackets and pants they were wide, hiding the body. And it was still impeccable.

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