Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Inauguration of the Fierce Lady

Oh, Robin Givhan. You are the reporter laureate of fashion journalism, providing a broad, and very welcome, view on an industry often labeled shallow, trivial and capricious. After all, what is style but a form of personal expression? Here, La Givhan waxes historic on new Fierce Lady, Michelle Obama, whose the best thing to happen to the fashion industry since Ghesquiere dove headfirst into the Balenciaga archives or Galliano introduced origami to Dior Haute Couture. Her sartorial choices, and her remarkable achievements outside of jewel tones and flats, are inspiring women in the country to step their proverbial game up and what could be better for an industry that is feeling the pinch of the purse than a glamorous mascot to champion the cause?

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