Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Good Is Sitting All Alone in Your Room?

Come, see Sasha play Liza!

Little girl lost

Dear Bruce Weber, thank you for invading my dreams. xoxo, Ms. Ross

Hello, world! Liza's back!

"Reality, much like a half-naked male model in gold lamé booty shorts, is something you rise above." -- Liza

"I got my talent, in addition to my drug/alcohol dependency from my mother, but my dreams, in addition to my love of gay men, from my father." -- Liza

54 - '09...who's got the silver spoon, mama's starting to feel things again?!

Cup it

A diva in her natural element, near comatose and chain-smoking on a technicolor dreamrug, while slugging some bourbon...they don't make 'em like this anymore

"My family's been in show business since the 1700s. I traced them. I'm bred to this. Like a racehorse. A thoroughbred. Look at my parents, my God. But it was my curiosity that made me do this. Because you could also say, 'Look at Frank Sinatra Jr.' It's not like a natural thing that happens. You gotta work." -- Liza

Work, tranny, work!

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