Monday, March 2, 2009

Shag Akimbo // London Relevance?

More or less of the same at Burberry Prorsum-- heavy knits, wool, dark blues and black, subdued shines plus leggings -- and it seemed daunting trying to find the newness among the overwhelming array of wardrobe staples.

Speaking of worn trends, give me your tired, your plaided masses yearning to breathe free; Burberry will drape them in these amazing shag furs that AnA dies for.
Christopher Bailey understands texture but in a sobering, British way that isn't gaudy. He also carries a semi-moribund attitude toward patterning. Take as an example his use of floral and Victorian lady portraits done with brown and cream:
The one thing missing this season? The famous Burberry plaid. Instead of splashing around entire pieces, it served as scarf and garment linings.
Taking such an integral part of the Burberry legacy and relegating it to a supporting role in the collection suggests Bailey's vision for the label's future: one not anchored totally in the past. A good thing? Potentially, since this collection hinted at the urban instead of the countryside, but future collections deserve greater polish and energy.

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