Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ana Claudia // Five Years Later...

So a lot of people have been discussing the return of Ana Claudia, the Brazilian girl from the late Nineties who rode into the early 00s as a must-book runway staple. Ana Claudia, along with other long-torsoed girls-of-the-moment like Erin O'Connor and Maggie Rizer, stood apart for her very mechanical and almost masculine walk.

Here's Ana Claudia at the Fall 2000 Strenesse show. I remember watching this show as a fat teenager on 'Style with Elsa Klench.' She did shows for a few years after this - 2000 was her best season - before suddenly disappearing from the fashion scene.

Now here she is a little over a week ago at the Sao Paulo shows looking...exactly the same. She again was the must-book despite her half-decade absence, stomping that toned body for every label including Animale. Blogs are rumoring the Ford beauty will be returning to New York and Europe for shows... what other 90s models have resurfaced onto the scene?


WendyB said...

I miss Elsa K.

Tricia said...

that body, wow, incredible.
thanks for trumpeting the long-torsoed, manly walking girls.

who dat