Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Heads are Better than One : How to Model a Handbag with Natalia & Isabeli

'The Shoulder'
- Put 2 gorgeous heads side by side. One slightly in the foreground. Preferably the head with giant blue eyes.
-Place the handbag strap gingerly over both shoulders. Be sure to get those shoulders in the light.
- 1 girl must cradle the bag from below whilst the other lightly grasps the strap from the side.
- Now purse your lips and... pose!

'The Hold On For Your Life'

- Switch it up and bring the olive skinned beauty to the front.
- Doe-eyed girl should stand behind and suggestively place her hands around the bronzed bombshell right around the crotch area.
- Cover those hands with a giant purse.
-Now grab that bag like you're life depends on it and give a fierce stare.

Good job kids, that's all for today. More tomorrow though so practice!

You made Mama proud.



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