Monday, July 28, 2008

The New Sexy is Apparently Being Completely Un-Sexy

In possibly the worst casting job in recent years, the treacherous snake Magdalena is seen awkwardly vamping it up for the new Alessandro Dell Acqua ad campaign. After a few seasons of lackluster reviews and being completely irrelevant, I understand the desire to cast a recognizable model in their campaign. But seeing that dish-faced & curve-less praying mantis trying to be provocative and sexy is utterly repulsive. While Magdalena is clearly a beautiful girl (albeit in an offbeat kind of way) what is she doing sticking out her non-existent chest  in a satin burnt orange halter dress (which is hideous btw) and glaring at the camera with a 'come-hither' stare. I'm not buying it (obviously) and I don't think anyone else will. 

It seems a shame that there are beautiful, curvy, and sexy models out there that are not being used for jobs that would actually suit them. Give me a bombshell!! There is a serious shortage of them and if you're going to go there in concept (the poses are classic, ask Tyra...) go there with the body and the girl. Aren't their enough jobs out there for the white & shapeless? 

Go home bitch and eat a bowl of pasta. I'm done.

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