Thursday, July 10, 2008

Christian Lacroix // Couture Cause

Couture is like the World Series of fashion. Only the best and biggest players meet to flaunt their re-interpretations of the couture gown and the skill and breathtaking ability of their atelier.

One of the best was Christian Lacroix. In some ways this season for Lacroix was about piling things on, about ornamentation mucho caliente. The couture borders the line of “too much” with “just enough” masterfully; a lace underlay a la Prada with multicolored pasties, appliqués and other tidbits symmetrically added about to emphasize sexy with a quirk. That’s a hypothetical “too much.” Also in this vein were some fancy garden vined stockings and a golden and pearl Victorian-lady purse. And why not accessorize with a bug broach?

Lacroix is fabulous because he does whatever he wants season after season. Behind the glitter, sequins, the tulle, and the romance of all the bows are great pieces and amazing color blocking and gradients. This is the "“just enough.” The key to the Lacroix palette is a certain passion, even in the blacks. Everything shines. The reds are lush and without the cheeky Valentino pop. And that red and green chiffon number? Things couldn’t be dreamier.

What to do if you can’t decide which piece to mortgage your house for? Just go with a green neck warmer and a lace veil. And keep that romance alive.


arms.akimbo said...

I am absolutely in love with these reviews.
Ms. Ross

Tricia said...

great review, just when you think M. Lacroix can't get any better, he does.

who dat