Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fresh Meat : NEXT

Through the graces of one very special agent, I was fortunate enough to meet the newest crop of budding pre-pubescent girls. Bloom girls, bloom.

Here are a few of my favorite Next girls on the rise:

First, the Aussies:


Beautiful, bird-like face, killer bone structure, and gorgeous eyes. Long, lean and coming to a runway near you this fall. Get into it.

Sarah Stephens

With Vogue already in her book, Ms. Stephens is ready to tear NY up. The bang. The bod. The double-breasted, military vest. But really it all comes down to those fucking lips...

NOW... on to the Poles:


Just arrived tomorrow and already in Teen Vogue... Stunning and only 16 -- how perfect is that?


By far the youngest of the crew. Just out of the womb and already this girl has it all. The giant, crazy eyes, infantile body, flawless skin, and those big, pouty lips. Come to mama...

And, finally, the Midwestern girl:

Katie Fogarty

The best thing to come out of St. Louis since Karlie Kloss. A cross between Karlie and Toni Garrn... God bless America.



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