Thursday, September 4, 2008

In The News // Lady White House Style

What with the impending presidential election and the state of the union hanging in the balance between the jowls of two diametrically opposed candidates, let's compare their ideologies where they really count: how their wives look.

First Cindy McCain, a personal favorite for her tight drum of a face and preference for flashy colors:

Pretty sure my mother wore this outfit sans popped collar and sans shell bracelet (?) when my grandparents renewed their vows in 1974. Is that a duchess satin? Girl if you're going to wear shiny banana fabrics like we want you to then at least invest in something that won't pucker on the pleat:

Balenciaga inauguration outfit? A ram horn detail at the celebratory ball? The possibilities are endless.

And now on to Mrs. Obama:

Michelle, you are tall, your skin flawless, and a stylista dream in Thakoon, so for that Akimbo says "Bravo!"

And just because she's a presidential wife, I mean the Republican VP candidate, I mean a femme-bot, here is Sarah Palin:

Politician just bought out Ann Taylor Loft! Emergency shipment to Anchorage! Fishermen need their black skirt and tan top combos! Do they even make maternity for juniors?!

More on this issue at the Washington Post, where the Pulitzer Prize-winning Robin Givhan sticks it to the Republicans by making fun of Cindy's hair.

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Tricia said...

Cindy's hair, lord what about Sarah's hair, Robin?! Love Michelle's look these days.

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