Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brüno Mania Akimbo

Sacha Baron Cohen gracefully graces the cover of July's GQ wearing a haute couture birthday suit. Is it just us, or does this remind anyone else of Jen Aniston's cover a few month/years/who cares back, only sexier?

In the mag's pages, Cohen as Eminem's newest paramour, Brüno, gives some serious body and face while sporting a shag similar to one of Ms. Dolly’s ever-evolving looks.

I smell love in the air, and it smells like assless chaps.

Ferocious, grrrrrrl!

Quelle adorable!

And then there's this bit of terrific:

Now throw your hands up! Wu-oh-oooh.

Well-played, sir. Well-played.

I want this entire outfit, shoulder pads, football players, knee socks and all.

If this photoshoot is any indication of the movie, Bruno is going to be unbelievably inappropriate and thus completely magnificent. We here at the Akimbo loft are chaffing with excitement. Well, from excitement and the jock straps.

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