Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shooze Akimbo // Shieldz' Shooze

The other day, high on Nyquil and a new pair of diamond encrusted wrist bands by Dior Joallerie, Dolly stumbled east to attend the Shooze and Booze event as thrown by designer Eileen Shields.

Through the haze of cucumber alcohol and an apocalyptic stomach virus (thanks, Pam) were these divine numbers on sale in PONY HAIR:

Swathed already in the coats of dead baby fox puppies, AnA covets these hairy horse heels in their colorful clip-clop glory. We can imagine for Spring a modern New York City housewife preparing an organic dinner, donning a leather apron and serving absinthe cocktails in these!
Now for the more downtown and sidewalk friendly set were fun little lace ups in soft, dyed leathers. We're a bit tired of the beaten down, secondhand animal skins we've been seeing on you dirty east villagers! Go easier around those edges!

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