Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sneak Peak // Chloe Akimbo

Three of the lithest and longest dark blond mannequins in the business hoof it through hay in camel coats and capes for the windswept Chloe campaign. In this AnA exclusive preview, Mikael Jansson lenses Sigrid, Kasia Strauss and future American Vogue cover girl (just a rumor, kids) Karlie Kloss as they set their Arms Akimbo on the Spanish steppes.

We love the luscious 90s supermodel hair, the choreographed STEP and impeccable styling. Dolly approves the thigh-high boots for her own luscious limbs; Ms. Streisand always covets a pantsuit; and we challenge you to find Ms. Ross NOT in a cape or exaggerated drapery. Perfect and Golden for Fall!

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