Friday, June 12, 2009

More Lambert Akimbo

So big surprise the other day when the latest Rolling Stone came out and -- shocker -- so did Adam Lambert all over the cover.

We love the open crotch, the goth butterfly and rather alluring coal-lined eye. Oh! And the snake coiled where his own python liveth. This is a flattering angle for the songstress; you can never go wrong with a chin angled gently up and AWAY from the camera. Now, if the cover weren't enough, here's a picture of Lambert out gaying it up with his boyfriend Drake LaBry.

Yes, "hand holding" has made it to mainstream gay culture! Pretty soon gays will be marrying, adopting children and becoming President. Remember when Ms. Ross used to stumble out of bars in West Hollywood, afro spread to the cool California wind, with barely a bong to fall onto? How we miss last week.

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