Tuesday, June 16, 2009

W Akimbo // Bruce and Emma

The actor Bruce Willis has no movie to promote until September, when his odd sci-fi film hits theaters, but why should that stop him from gracing our large-format bible along with model wife Emma Heming, I mean Emma Willis, I mean Demi?

The clothes are fine (see bow) and the Sally Bowles/Rosemary's Baby hair is predictable but hilarious. Emma made it big via Victoria's Secret so kudos to her for pouting her elfin mouth and giant eyes to good, high fashion use. Everyone has called this W spread "steamy" and "hot" and it kind of is in a techno, robotic way; but there's no realness to the madness. In lieu of impassioned grasping, walking, and riding, why not give Robot Willis a metal limb or something fetishistic to push the fantasy to the next level?

But girl, you make us proud. You stripped your man down. You strapped on a tranny heel that would make Frau Klum jealous. And you RODE that pony home. Kudos!

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