Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One More Shoe to Prance Her

Isabel Toledo is collaborating with Payless to create an affordable *cough* cheap *cough* line of shoes and bags.

Now, Payless being the big-footed girl on a budget’s dream, I can only hope the Toledo heels will come in at least a size 12 (though preferably a 12W or 13) so I can stuff my giant pontoons into them.

Sadly, the line won’t be ready until September, meaning I’ll have to go with my original choices to P-Town this year. But they aren’t too shabby. What do you think, dear reader(s)?

I think this for a good day heel. A simple black patent leather pump to stroll along the cobblestone streets in.

For the beach, I'm thinking one of these numbers. The plaid is really calling my name, but I feel the black lends itself to more outfit possibilities? Anyone? Beuller?

I'm praying to Gaga this hooded sandal is in my size as the last time I checked, the largest they had was a 9. I could barely fit a toe into that.

Afternoons will be spent teetering about drunkenly in these cute little numbers while I do laps in a comfortable romper.

I know I'm a little heavy on the black (insert racist joke here) but you can't go wrong with a slingback and how fun are those little gold studs?

And finally, the moneymaker. Hot red with a demure 4" heel. These shall be evacuating any and all dancefloors. Paired with a white lace bodysuit, this will surely turn heads while I am surely turning IT.

Payless sure has come a long way from the Star Jones collection. To bad the same can't be said for Mr. Jones himself.

Real designers are actually in on the fun now! Doesn't it feel good?

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